Systems Status


Front-facing web pages (the UI) – Available

  • Access to Nonprofit Dashboard
  • Access to Donor Giving Accounts
  • Access to Fundraisers, Sponsorships, and Trips

Ability to make a new donation – Available

API services – Available

  • Sponsorship Plug In / API
  • Trips Plug In / API
  • Fundraiser Plug in / API

Recurring Donation processing Available

Check Donation processing – Available

Automated grant request processing Available

Notification services – Available

Website Hosting and Services – Available

Pure Charity Salesforce Application – Available


Operational Impact

Yesterday’s infrastructure update was completed as planned.  All Pure Charity Fundraisers, Sponsorships, Trip, and Donation Processing are live and available to resume use.

Any additional elements of the upgrade may experience a Maintenance Screen during normal working hours.  However, those should be just a few minutes in duration.


Update Log

Aug 12th

23:26 – Systems are online and available.  Select Recurring Donations scheduled for August 12th and August 13th are being processed but delayed

6:00 pm – Required system outage to complete recurring donation processing issues.

10:05 am – Investigating reports of $0.00 Recurring Donations being reported on Pure Charity Dashboards and in Salesforce.  Reports relate to Recurring Donations schedule for today only.

If you have any questions, please contact us at for the fastest resolution.

5:55 am – Systems are online and available.  We are lifting our maintenance ahead of our  6:00 AM CST previous schedule.

4:15 am – Infrastructure Update progressing and on schedule

2:30 am – Infrastructure Update progressing and on schedule

12:07 am – Infrastructure Update progressing and on schedule

Aug 11th

Between August 11th and August 22nd we will be performing a variety of system maintenance and upgrade tasks on a rolling basis that may result in a maintenance screen temporarily showing if you try to log in to our application.  These will be minimal in nature

The bulk of the upgrade window will be approximately 5 hours beginning tonight, Thursday, August 11th at 10 PM CST.

Any maintenance screen views during normal working hours should be just a few minutes.